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The MYAC is a co-ed competitive swim club founded in 1965.  Our swimmers achieve success at all levels of competition: as a team,

as individuals and against the clock.  Our alumni include Olympic Trial, National, and Regional Y qualifiers along with numerous All-Star swimmers. 

They also include one past Olympian and World Record holder.   

The MYAC has 3 program levels:

8 – Under (ages 5 – 8)

Juniors (ages 9 – 12)

Seniors (ages 13 – Over)

We offer “Try It and Like It” Days.  These FREE educational days are an excellent opportunity to see what the Marlins Swim Team is all about.  Interested participants can experience the lap swimming, team atmosphere and meet the swim team coaches.  After getting their feet wet, participants may then join the team.  If you want to try the Marlins at a later date, contact the YMCA and arrangements can be made for your own “Try It and Like It” opportunity.  See Schedules section for “Try It and Like It” dates and times.  The Marietta Marlins is a program you and your child(ren) can “grow up” with and “grow in to!”  You may choose to attend practice sessions at the frequency that makes sense for your child within the practice sessions offered for your child’s program level.  Attendance at every practice session is not required. 

Swim Team Philosophy

The purpose of competitive swimming is to provide young boys and girls an opportunity to swim under conditions that will foster skillful aquatic ability, good fellowship, team and association loyalty, and an appreciation for swimming for its own sake.  We foster high caliber sportsmanship for swimmers, spectators, and officials.  Our focus is on personal improvement rather than just winning. 

League Associations

The Marietta Marlins Aquatic Club (MYAC) abides by the National YMCA Swim Committee rules and participates in the:

Southeast Ohio/West Virginia YMCA Cluster

YMCA Great Lakes Zones Championships

YMCA National Championships